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How To Correctly Prepare Your Skin For Fake Tan

Fake tan is definitely an art form. Without the correct tools and preparation, a great tan can turn into a hot mess! If you are a first-time self-tanner, or just want to up your tan-game, then don't worry bae, we have your back! Here are the top tips for correctly prepping your skin for fake tan. 

Don't wax or shave right before tanning. 

You may think that waxing or shaving right before tanning, will give you that super smooth and glowing look. However, if you perform this too close to applying your tan - it can lead to a very uneven tan. This is because the follicles of your hair will be disturbed, and the tan will settle into the pores. The rule of thumb is to shave at least 24 hours before tanning, and wax at least 48 hours before.


Giving your tan a smooth canvas to go onto is the key to a great looking tan. Exfoliation will get rid of any dry spots, that the tan could potentially cling to. Dry skin is thirsty and will absorb the tan more quickly, ending up with patches. For flawless results, gently exfoliate your skin prior to tanning with an exfoliating tanning mitt. This will help to remove any residual tan and reveal rejuvenated, tan-ready skin.

Avoid oil based products

Oil based products are great for locking in moisture, however, they could severely disrupt your tan. Oil may alter the active ingredients in tans that could break down the product, leaving you with patches.

Moisturize dryer areas

Dry skin is thirsty! Make sure to put moisturizer on those dryer areas of your body. This includes, hands, knees, ankles and feet. Tan will get "sucked" into these dry areas and can leave a "concentrated patch of tan."


 Use a tan remover between sessions

Using a tan remover to get rid of the very last bits of tan, is the perfect way to ensure a smoother and more even application on the next application. The Glowy Babe Tan remover smells like fresh baby powder and is available here.