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Tips For Keeping Safe in The Sun

There is a motto, that the only safe tan is a fake tan! That is something, we definitely believe in here at Glowy Babe. One of the reasons that we decided to develop the best fake tan we possibly could! However, there will be times where you will have to inevitably venture out into the sunshine. Therefore we have put together some tips for keeping safe whilst out in the sun.

Stay in the shade when possible

Staying in the shade where you can, is the best way to protect yourself for the sun's harmful rays. Especially in the middle of the day, when the sun gets strongest. This is especially true for children or those with fairer skin.  Make sure that you use a parasol or a play tent to provide some shade in these times.

Drink lots of fluids

Protecting your general well being is also important when you are in the sun's rays. Drink plenty of fluids to keep happy and healthy in the heat. It is especially important to give children access to water throughout the day, especially in warm weather. They might forget if they are having lots of fun! Encourage them to drink regularly - particularly when they've been running around.

Use a high factor SPF

SPF is the most important when fighting the sun elements. Everyone should wear sunscreen, even those with darker complexions. We'd recommend at least an SPF of 30 and above to prevent ageing of the skin due to sun exposure. For children, this should be even higher. Make sure your little one wears sunscreen that covers any exposed skin - use the SPF generously too. The main areas that should be covered in SPF include the shoulders, the back of their neck, the tops of their ears, nose and cheeks and the tops of their feet. 

Tip!  Remember that fake tanning products usually contain little or no sun protection at all. Therefore it's extremely important not to think that by having self tanning lotion on, you are giving your skin are protection.


Don't just apply the SPF once

It can be tempting to put sunscreen on in the morning and then forget about it throughout the day. The protection of the sunscreen will wear off, so it's important to keep topping it up during the day. Try and put sun cream at least half an hour before you need to go outside - remember that you'll need to put more on throughout the day, especially if you go swimming.


Wear head protection 

Sunscreen cannot protect your head.  A floppy sunhat will protect the back of the head and neck, which are areas that are key to protecting from the sun.  Even a bandana is a good start if you are looking to keep rays off of your head.